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Volvo Kring FO - English version 20th - 24th july 2016

Volvo Kring Føroyar 2016, or VOLVO Tour de Faroes 2016, is a race for all riders. Age groups, juniors, ladies and gentlemen, and the elite group.

There are stages for all riders, and we have criterium, time trial and road race stages where some are "flat" and some have over 2500 meters to climb.

When open group is going over 100 K, the juniors are riding half of this length.

We hope you will join us in this race and we know this will be a great experience if you do.

On our final day, on Sunday, we will arrange a race for kids. The kids race will be just after the criterium is over. The kids will race on the same course, which will be in the capital of Faroe Islands, Tórshavn.


One of our main goal is that all competitors will have a “time of your life” while racing in our beautiful islands.

There will be motorcycles to guide all riders where to turn etc. There will be cars with tools, wheels, drinks etc behind all leading groups.

We think that this race is the closest you will get to Tour de France, or Giro d’Italia. Or Vuelta Esapina. Not quite, but ...!

Stage winners and over all winners

Everybody would like to win a stage or two. There will be something to race for in all stages, but, as in all other stage races, there will be a price for the overall winner. Not only in Open gorup, but the other groups as well. T.i. ladies, juniors and age groups.

Also there will be a KING OF THE MOUNTAIN competition. The riders which will be KOM in one stage will be honoured, and the overall KOM winner will get price as well.

In the KOM competition all the riders are riding for points, and in all Road Race stages there will be mountains to climb.

On the finishline

On the finish line there will be something for everyone. There will be free coffee on the finish area for the spectators and hopefully the weather will allow us to arrange some kind of a amusements for the kids.

There will be a speaker as well, and he will tell us the latest news from the leading groups, and he will have contact to the leading cars as well. After each stage there will be water and fruits for all the competitors.

Practical information

For some stages you need lights on your bike. These stages go through some tunnels, and therefore it´s also a must to have lights.

Again we say: No light, no start.

Included in the price is the transport to and from all stages.

There are some bike shops in Tórshavn, and if you have forget some tools, you can for example visit Súkkluverkstaðið hjá Gunnari. The owner of this shop is one of the organizers, so ...!

After the race on Sunday, the last race, there will be a party for all competitors and the organizers.


On the link below you can see maps of the stages and you can see the climbs as well.

Open group:

Day 1 – 124 kilometers:

Wenzel P/F (Tórshavn) – Selatrað – Runavík – Rituvík – Æðuvík – Toftir – Runavík – Effostøðin í Runavík/Glyvrum (Gasstation in Runavík)

Day 2 – 125 kilometers:

Klaksvík – Eiðisskarð – Vestmanna – Sornfelli

Day 3 – 18 kilometers:

Sandoy – 2 laps

Day 4 – 103 kilometers:

Tvøroyri – Fámjin – Hovsegg – Lopra – Sumba – Lopra – Hovsegg – Tvøroyri – and then one lap in Tvøroyri

Day 5 – 40 umfør (40 laps):

Criterium in Tórshavn

Total length for Open Group approx. 430 kilometers and approx. 5000 climb meters

Juniors, ladies and age groups:

Day 1 – 89 kilometers:

Wenzel – Skála – Runavík – Rituvík – Æðuvík – Toftir – Runavík – Gasstation in Runavík/Glyvrum

Day 2 – 93 kilometers:

Klaksvík – Eiðisskarð – Sornfelli

Day 3 – 18 kilometers:

Sandoy – 2 laps

Day – 76 kilometers:

Tvøroyri – Hovsegg – Lopra – Hovsegg – Tvøroyri – 3 laps in Tvøroyri

Day 5 – 20 laps:

Criterium in Tórshavn

Total length for juniors, ladies and age groups is 230 kilometers and 2500 meters to climb

Kids, girls and boys

Criterium in Tórshavn – 10 laps

And the winner is ...

The overall prices are:

Men and women, Open Group:

Winner: DKK 1.500

2nd place DKK 1.000

3rd place DKK 750

4th DKK 350

5th DKK 300

6th DKK 250

7th DKK 200

8th DKK 150

9th DKK 100

10th DKK 50

Juniors and age gropuls:

Winner DKK 500

2nd place 300

3rd place 200

King of Mountain Open group

DKK 750

Juniors and age groups

DKK 300

If there are few riders in one group the organizers can change the prices. For example if there are only two ladies in their group the winning price will be DKK 750.


To register for Volvo Kring Føroyar 2016, transfer the ammount to account in EIk Bank(IBAN: FO7391810001244452), with your Name, age, Club and contry.

If you register before 10th july the price is DKK 800,00

After the 10th july the registration price is DKK 1.000,00.

In case of to low number of registrations, the organisers have the right to cancel the race, and any paid registration fee will be repaid.

Other informations

The race director is Kristian Martin Joensen. Assistent will be Julian Johansen.

Organizer of Volvo Kring Føroyar 2015 is Gunnar Dahl-Olsen
If you have any questions about the race you can be send these questions with email to Gunnar Dahl-Olsen,


Our main sponsor is Wenzel P/F www.wenzel.fo

Other sponsors are:


Smyril Line – Norrøne is the ferry which is sailing from Denmark to Faroe Ilands


Atlantic Airways – Aeroplanes from Denmark to Faroe Islands, or from Copenhagen and Billund to Vágar


Visit Faroe Islands – Homepage with informations about Faroe Islands


Hotels.com – here you can find hotels, youth hostels etc. in the Faroe Islands – if you don´t want so stay at the school.


Links to the stages

Elita Etapur.pdf  

Unglinga&Motionista Etapur.pdf