Volvo Kring Føroyar 2014

The Volvotour of faroe 2014 will start on 23rd of july 2014 and finish on 27th of july 2014

The tour of faroe is by far the biggest cycling event on the Faroe Island. The race has local participants, and over the years the there have been participants from IcelandDenmark, Ynes Mon(Angelsey), Shetland and Belguim.

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General information

Team Competition


Just in time 
(deadline: 18th of July 2014) 

Team competition  
(deadline: 18th of July 2014)


Atlantic Airways (by air)

Smyril Line (by sea)

Race sponsor:

Wenzel P/F

Effo Føroyar

Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar

Poul Hansen

Føroya Bjór